NSC Carbon Neutral Master Plan

Henderson, Nevada

This master plan was developed in order to address ongoing growth in enrollment and the anticipated future expansion of Nevada State College. EHDD was charged with designing the first carbon-neutral campus in the United States, to serve as a model for sustainability in higher education. The design demonstrates how a college campus achieves carbon neutrality and self-sufficiency through education, practice, and partnership.

The master plan addresses sustainability in all areas, including carbon, energy, water, waste, materials, transportation and landscape. Its intention is to create an institution in which sustainability will be practiced and demonstrated at every level̶outside the classroom as well as within. The plan provides for a highly integrated pattern of campus and town development, with shared amenities in a walkable environment. The master plan also serves to protect the natural features of its desert location, including views and access to this unique environment.


Nevada State College


509 acres


Master Plan