The Early Phase Integrated Carbon (EPIC) assessment is a free whole life carbon tool built by EHDD to support climate-positive design decisions in early project phases when data is scarce but the potential for emissions reduction is high. Try EPIC for yourself at

To scale decarbonization in the built environment, we need action by on every building. EPIC is easy to use, and its methodology is transparent. Bridging between a complex data model and a simple user experience, EPIC illustrated that every project has a pathway to lower carbon emissions.

Tools for every scale

We build tools for every scale, from large real estate portfolios down to a single office fitout. These tools are powered by our c.scale data model, which combines cutting-edge machine learning with common sense building science to help teams set and execute ambitious decarbonization plans.

Big data? No problem

We use data science to find clarity in complexity. Whether your team is modeling a million buildings, a million data points for a single buildings, or both together – our cloud-based services are here to help.

Our approach to data-driven decarbonization is rooted in EHDD’s climate positive commitment and long history designing net zero and zero carbon buildings. We understand the complexity of real buildings, the pain points in the project life cycle, and the importance of teamwork in delivering high-performance and low-carbon buildings.

All hands on deck!

We’re always seeking partnerships and integrations to scale climate action in the built environment. It’s a privilege to work with partners at all scales, from small-but-mighty advocacy groups to global real estate platforms, with whom we share the goal of an equitable low-carbon future. Looking to partner? Reach out.

Interesting in using EPIC on your project?
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