Celebrating Leadership


We are delighted to announce the promotions of ten EHDD team members who will continue to advance the firm’s vision to create a collectively greater future for our clients, society, and the environment.

EHDD ONEder Grant Report


In 2020 EHDD received a ONEder grant from One Workplace to engage students, faculty, and thought-leaders in a dialog to think beyond the current challenges and reimagine a new vision of Higher Education. Our report includes a toolkit for designers and educators, including ideas, research, and resources. Now is our chance as designers to contribute […]

EHDD Announces Expansion to the Pacific Northwest


EHDD is pleased to announce that Seattle-based Patano Studio Architecture (PSA) is officially joining San Francisco-based EHDD. The merger formalizes the firm’s expansion plans to build a more significant presence on the U.S. West Coast. With this merger, Christopher Patano, Founder of PSA, becomes a Partner at EHDD. “EHDD has been an unquestioned leader at […]

Workable Utopias

By Jay Manzo

A Utopia of libraries and pools. I’ve been having recurring dreams about libraries and pools–and no wonder, it’s been more than a hundred days since I stepped foot or dipped toe in either of them. I look longingly at the books in my neighborhood library safely distant behind glass. They, I am sure, miss me […]

Transformations: Our Vision for Existing Buildings


At EHDD, we are forward thinking. We think and design with tomorrow in mind, and we are making that future more sustainable. We recognize the importance of existing buildings, and transform them into certified, sustainable structures that can carry us into the future.

Designing for Sustainability at Boulder Commons

By Brad Jacobson

For the past 15 years my architecture firm, EHDD, has been advancing the concept of net zero energy buildings as a response commensurate with the scale of the challenge of climate change. Morgan Creek Ventures’ goals for Boulder Commons took the stakes up a notch and led to an innovative, unexpected solution. Until Boulder Commons […]

A Challenge for 2030 Leaders

By Brad Jacobson

The latest AIA 2030 Commitment report was released early October (2016), and the results are sobering. The target for year 2015 is a 70% reduction in energy use across a firm’s portfolio as measured against an existing building baseline, a step up from 60% goal in 2014. Projects reported only an average savings of 38%, […]