UC Santa Cruz East Campus Infill Student Housing

Santa Cruz, California

Located within a coastal redwood forest between existing student apartments and colleges, the East Infill Housing project is a 600-bed multi-level student housing facility. A café, market, mail hub, technology center, as well as student lounges and laundry rooms, make up the shared program area. The community spaces are located adjacent to outdoor plazas and paths.

Program spaces were looked at innovatively to find an opportunity to reinforce community and interaction among students. For example, the market consists of a traditional retail store as well as a student-run outdoor organic market. The roof of the covered bike shelter doubles as outdoor seating for the adjacent café. The program and project developed over the course of multiple workshops with a number of diverse campus stakeholders, particularly specific user groups such as College and University Housing Services and students.


University of California at Santa Cruz


210,00 sf, 600 Beds


New Construction