Joseph Esherick Legacy Homes

EHDD came to prominence on the strength of a body of remarkable houses designed by founding partners Joseph Esherick, George Homsey, and Peter Dodge. The qualities of these houses—their intimate connection to site, sensitivity to climate, graceful proportions, balanced light, and elegant detailing—have become hallmarks of the firm’s work.

We are proud of our legacy homes, mostly located in northern California, from the Sea Ranch to San Francisco to the Silicon Valley, of which many are still providing comfort and joy to the original families that Joe Esherick designed them for. Some of these classic homes, dating back to the 1940’s, are in need of energy retrofits, an extra bedroom, or a twenty-first century kitchen to meet current tastes or comply with today’s energy standards.

If you would like to learn more about the rich legacy of Joe Esherick’s and EHDD’s single family home designs, we recommend picking up a copy of Marc Treib’s book “Appropriate: The Houses of Joe Esherick,” published by William Stout Publishers.

If you own one of these Esherick houses, or are considering buying one of them, please contact us and we can help you ensure that these classic homes maintain their special elegant and distinct qualities, while functioning as a 21st Century home.


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