Marbles Kids Museum

Raleigh, North Carolina

This humanities-oriented children’s global learning center–the first in the U.S. –features on-line links to similar facilities around the world, offering an inclusive vision of our relationships with each other and the environment. A contemporary civic icon in native brick, it honors the historic city, harmonizing with local vernacular buildings and incorporating an existing warehouse façade. It melds art, architecture, and exhibits, supporting the educational themes of choice, change, interconnectedness, and perception. The three-story “World Wall”–perforated steel panels supporting 1.2 million glass marbles–portrays Earth from space. The Exploristore gift shop complements the center’s educational mission through design, graphics, and select merchandise.


Marbles Kids Museum


84,000 SF


2000 Citation of Merit, Distinguished Building Award - AIA Chicago
2001 American Architecture Award - Chicago Athenaeum


Interior Design