Marine Science Institute

Redwood City, California

Continuing the groundbreaking science education founded by Bob Rutherford in 1970, EHDD led the Master Plan to expand the existing Marine Science Institute. EHDD worked closely with this non-profit organization focused on marine education and conservation to develop a vision for their expanded campus on the San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, California.

Acting as an embarkation point for research and education, boat excursions, hiking, kayaking, and fieldwork, the project will embody a new model of interactive architecture and landscape design that supports MSI’s uniquely hands-on educational approach. A series of wet classrooms connected directly to the wetland site and a small aquarium engage students in experiences that go far beyond what schools can offer. An event space with views across The Bay, a welcome center, and dynamic aquarium exhibits broaden the organization’s reach to the public and foster dialogue and curiosity.

Leading MSI in an intensely collaborative process, EHDD surfaced and focused the client’s project vision; producing programming, a land-use assessment, an architectural concept, phasing approaches and renderings tuned to the fundraising and planning materials critical to this early stage of the project. Reflecting a long history of deep listening, EHDD helped MSI develop a project concept where the design becomes a teaching tool, revealing sustainable technologies and strategies that inspire and inform.


Marine Science Institute


44,000 sf


Master Plan