UC San Diego Revelle-Muir Colleges Campus Plan

San Diego, California

This major national research university was planned to reach an enrollment of 25,000, and was conceived as comprising as many as six residential colleges, where a more intimate living and learning environment would nurture undergraduates within the larger university context. While Revelle and Muir formed the original center of the early University of California, San Diego campus, the enrollment has grown to 22,500 full time students. The two colleges have remained among the most in demand and are central to the intellectual and academic thrust and reputation of the institution.

EHDD’s Planning Study of Revelle and Muir Colleges Neighborhoods guides the anticipated growth in enrollment and space within the two college neighborhoods, accommodating a significant program for change, while setting a clear plan that will allow for flexibility within a framework of land use, circulation, and open space. It describes the anticipated academic program and housing growth, identifies sites for new facilities, and a pattern of development intended to enhance the quality of life and character of each college. Guidelines are provided for site development, building design and landscape improvements, all within a strategic phased approach.


University of California at San Diego


105 acres


Master Plan