SFSU West Campus Green Affordable Housing

San Francisco, California

This design-build project is meant to generate a new center of gravity for the SFSU campus – one that anchors the Western neighborhood and acts as a connection point for existing and future housing in the area.

The first phase of the project will result in a new six-story, 120,000 gross square foot (GSF) residence hall that provides up to 750 beds of affordable housing for incoming first-year students. The bedrooms will be developed using a “pod” concept approach, which will provide students with space to socialize, sleep, study and dine within the scope of intimate community grouping.

The second phase of the project will result in a new 50,000 GSF dining facility and Student Health Center. The Student Health Center will support a wide range of services, including a triage clinic, health and wellness promotion, examination and triage.


San Francisco State University


120,000 sf housing; 50,000 sf dining & student health center


New Construction