Sonoma Clean Power Headquarters

Santa Rosa, California

EHDD oversaw a state-of-the-art, full renovation of a 1979 commercial office building in downtown Santa Rosa for Sonoma Clean Power (SCP). The 15,330 sf facility will serve as SCP’s headquarters and will showcase zero-carbon design, technologies, and operation. The workspaces will be contemporary and filled with daylight. SCP is a not-for-profit public electricity provider that prioritizes resource conservation, innovation, and its users’ quality of life – values championed by EHDD. Together, EHDD and SCP have identified goals for the project that reflect their commitment to take local action against the global climate crisis.

SCP chose to renovate an existing structure to minimize the project’s carbon emissions. A small amount of new construction will be used to reorient the building to a public-facing lobby, a welcoming courtyard, and a demonstration parking lot.

The project is the pilot for the “Grid Optimal” Initiative, a joint program of the New Buildings Institute, and the USGBC that focuses on identifying ways that building design and operation can support the lowest-cost de-carbonization of the electricity grid and ultimately to realize a fully renewable electricity supply.


Sonoma Clean Power


15,330 sf

Energy Use Intensity

Predicted: 33 kbtu/sf/yr
Measured: 24 kbtu/sf/yr


Interior Design
New Construction