Design for climate.

We’ve been a national leader in sustainable design since our founding more than 70 years ago – it’s our passion and mission. We pioneered the Net Zero Energy concept over 15 years ago in response to climate change. Today we are leading the industry toward a carbon-neutral future.

Our portfolio is outpacing the AIA 2030 Challenge, seeking a fully carbon-neutral built environment by 2030 with Net Zero Energy, Passive House, Livable Building, and LEED® certified projects. With the teamwork of our clients and partners, we firmly believe we will get there, together.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Exploratorium at Pier 15

The Exploratorium

Boulder Commons Corporate Campus

Morgan Creek Ventures

Places people thrive.

We know great design is about more than how people use the spaces we create – it’s how they feel inside of them. Measuring occupant satisfaction is a cornerstone of our process. Every project is an opportunity to advance the health and wellness of its occupants, building on lessons learned. We’re all about a higher order of thinking – exploring all the ways and places where people interact with design.

Our focus is always on finding new features to inspire and enlighten people aesthetically, socially, and intellectually. We integrate health and wellness strategies into every project. Fresh air, natural daylight, thermal comfort, acoustic performance and non-toxic materials interact synergistically in the built product and lead to the highest user satisfaction scores in the industry.

Complexity is comfortable.

We specialize in complex building types with intricate technical requirements, mixed use programs, and diverse stakeholder groups. We’ll help you navigate all aspects of a project, from fundraising and community engagement to post occupancy assessment. We bring a deep understanding of our clients’ unique requirements, from urban development to contemporary office buildings.

Our education projects feature cutting-edge science and research facilities, libraries of the future, and student housing. Our portfolio of Aquarium, Zoo, Museum, and Science Centers create engaging visitor experiences while incorporating healthy and sustainable environments for animals and the people who work there.